IES Ingredients at BWME 2023


For the 26th edition, we participate at the international exhibition for beauty products, cosmetics and perfumery.

Expert in the fragrance and cosmetic ingredients distribution, we renew our presence at Beauty World Middle East in the Dubaï World Trade Center at the SA-E28 booth.

We highlight several olfactive families in different applications and also cosmetic raw materials in skin & hair care. Come to discover and discuss directly with our commercials present : Noël Poinsignon, Jean-Hugues Le Clainche, Mehdi Kenssous and Marion Fabre.

You can discover, smell and test :

-A fine fragrance with Ambrofix from Givaudan and Ambrette seed absolute from Albert Vieille

-A fine fragrance with Cistus SEV Spain absolute and Vanilla absolute Madagascar from Albert Vieille

-A fine fragrance with Rose essential oil Bulgaria and Rose absolute Turkey from Albert Vieille

-A fine fragrance with Spirambrene & Ambermax from Givaudan

-A fine fragrance with Velvione & Silvanone Supra from Givaudan

-An application in bakhour with Javanol from Givaudan

-An application in bakhour with Safraleine from Givaudan

-A day cream with Bergalin and Bergalol from DSM Firmenich

Hand cream for dry skin & roughness with ROSeout CROP®-G, and Rose essential oil Bulgaria from Aethera Biotech 

Face & neck gel for wrinkles & collagen boost with LiftyLOX CROP®-G and EchinAge CROP®-G from Aethera Biotech 

Hair serum for strong & healthy lengths with SageGuard CROP®-P, ForsINgen CROP®-G from Aethera Biotech and essential oil Neroli from Albert Vieille 

Lash serum for volume & length with AQ3Rose CROP® -G from Aethera Biotech

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