Plant of the month : Absolute Rose Turkey


A pure & natural Rose absolute for warm and timeless floral creations!

With 100 years of expertise in Naturals, we produce this treasured ingredient in our factory for the world of perfumery.


In Turkey, Rosa damascena is grown mainly in the Isparta and Burdur regions. The harvesting period runs from May to June, during which the roses are carefully hand-picked early in the morning, using the “pinching” technique which involves grasping the rose with the hand by the stem, turning it and giving it a gentle flick of the wrist.

To preserve the fine scent of the rose flower, the roses are transformed into concrete immediately at our local partner’s facility. This concrete is washed with ethanol in Albert Vieille factory in Spain to remove the waxes and sublimate the olfactory notes.


The fragrance of our Rose Absolute Turkey is both captivating and uplifting, where the summer warmth of a sweet, creamy and voluminous honey essence, reminiscent of a fruity jam, finds harmony with the delicate scent of the flower and hints of green notes

It is primarily used in prestigious fragrances while also finding purpose in personal care products. In the world of fine fragrances, the essential oil and absolute are commonly combined – a practice where the absolute serves as the body of the fragrance and  the essential oil brings bloom to the top note. This combination results in enduring and widely appealing scent profiles.



With more than a century of expertise in natural ingredients, along with in-house production of essential oils, absolutes and resinoids, we make the most of nature’s gifts while having a positive impact on the Environment, People and Communities.

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