Re-discover our Sandalwood molecules


Givaudan’s most powerful sandalwood molecules

Re-discover the magic of Javanol™ and Javanol™ Super, Givaudan’s most powerful Sandalwood molecules. They provide olfactory notes that bring versatility to the fragrance, without compromising on performance.

Javanol™ enhances fresh rosy powdery facets and brings unprecedented substantivity and rich creaminess to all types of accords.

Javanol™ Super enhances lactonic cedarwood facets and embellishes woody accords.

Olfactive Impact 

With its extremely low odour threshold, Javanol is appeoximately 8 times more effective in wash tests.


Javanol™ Super is extremely substantive. It offers a good cost-in-use and an outstanding performance in almost all applications.


Both Javanol™ and Javanol™ Super have more than 50% of Renewable Carbon.

Comparison between different sandalwood molecules : 

Sandela™ : is a classical sandalwood that can be used in all fragrance types

Sandalor™ : is a powerful diffusive and an extremely tenacious product. It imports a natural sandalwood character to perfumes.

Ebanol ™ : has a very rich sandalwood odour. It brings volume and elegance to woody accords.

Javanol™ : is one of our sandalwood molecules with unprecented power and substantivity.

Javanol™ Super : is a new quality of Javanol. It has natural sandalwood creamy notes and enhances woody facets.

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