Our CSR approach and actions



I.E.S. a determined and ambitious player.

After having carried out multiple responsible actions and an evaluation on the level of commitment, I.E.S Ingredients became in 2019 part of an ambitious CSR approach, structured around the seven central questions of ISO 26000.

Examples of achievements highlighted by the CSR evaluation :

    • Customers: a remarkable requirement in terms of health / safety of distributed products, conformity, traceability and quality (ISO 9001), respect for data confidentiality.
    • Suppliers: long-term links with partners leaders in the market, both on quality and on safety and CSR.
    • Environment: the exclusive listing of transporters who identify their CO2 impact, the support for the reforestation of the Allauch hills (1,000 trees planted in March 2019).
    • Human resources: reduction of arduousness, participation of all employees in the company performance.


Priorities of our action plan currently being deployed :

    • Environment: control, reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions, waste reduction, increased employee awareness.
    • Governance: integrate the CSR into the strategy and the culture of I.E.S, identify the environmental, social, societal and technological challenges of the next decade.
    • Human resources: progress in the working relations and conditions, enhance Human rights.
    • Territory and loyalty of practices: establish close links with our partners to empower practices throughout the value chain.


On the May 10th, 2019, we signed the letter of commitment to the United Nations Global Compact. We are looking forward to communicate on our progress in this area next year in a report.


Noël Poinsignon
Deputy General Director

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