IES Ingredients at SIMPPAR 2023


For the 4th consecutive year, we participate at the international exhibition of fragrance raw materials.

Expert in the fragrance ingredients distribution, we renew our presence at SIMPPAR in the Espace Champerret in Paris at the D16 booth.

We highlight several olfactive families in different applications, come to discover and discuss directly with our commercials present : Noël Poinsignon, Jean-Hugues Le Clainche, Victor Berrafato, Jean-Robert Donsimoni and Charles Regnard.

The essential oil of Chamomile Fair for Life Italy from Albert Vieille with fruity, liqueur-like and capric notes will be integrated in a hand cream.

The essential oil of Rose Damascena Bulgaria from Albert Vieille with floral, rosy, green notes will be in fine fragrance application.

The resinoid labdanum Spain from Albert Vieille with ambery, resinous and woody notes will be presented in a fine fragrance.

Ambrofix from givaudan with ambery, woody and  tobacco notes will be integrated in a fine fragrance too.

Velvione from Givaudan with musky, powdery and animalic notes will be applicated in a shower gel fragrance.

Spirambrene from Givaudan with ambery, woody and spicy notes will be the subject of a men’s shower gel fragrance.

Creosol from Givaudan with spicy, vanilla and balsamic notes will be integrated in a candle fragrance.

Bergalin from DSM Aroma Ingredients with fresh, bergamot and lavender notes will be applicated in solid soap, as well as Linalyl Acetate.

Don’t hesitate to plan a meeting with our commercial for more informations during the 2 days in the exhibition and come on our D16 booth to discover our materials !


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