14th and 15th January 2020 – PARIS 
“Les rencontres de la formulation”

Come and discover our catalogue of cosmetic active ingredients
of DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients.


🍊 VITAMINS :  A resplendent beauty full of vitality

The demand for vitamins is greater than ever. No other category of ingredient today inspires as much confidence among consumers as vitamins. As a vitamin pioneer since the 1930s, DSM has been supporting the power of vitamins and the effectiveness of these superheroes in health and beauty. Come and discover/re-discover vitamins and their many benefits in cosmetics with the new vitamin C and B5 libraries.

🔬 MICROBIOME – EPIBIOME™ BEAUTY : A new approach to skin well-being
The EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ concept is based on the conviction that a robust epidermal barrier and a balanced skin microbiome are necessary to restore, strengthen and preserve healthy skin. Its objective is to develop a clear and scientifically proven link between changes in the microbiome and changes in skin condition, while identifying the effects of the active ingredients PENTAVITIN®, SYN-UP®, ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM and OXY 229 PF used in our studies.

👩 Boost hair volume with TILAMAR® Boost 150 !
In hair care, volume is one of the main needs for effectiveness, but it is one of the most difficult to achieve if you consider hair care at the same time. Based on 50 years of expertise in materials science, DSM has identified a unique hyper-branched polymer that meets this need. TILAMAR® Boost 150 offers both incredible volume and hair care properties.

☀️ Discover a mineral fusion with PARSOL® ZX !
Today, mineral UV filters such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are marketed in natural sun protection products, thus fulfilling the desire of consumers. Recently, PARSOL® ZX, a high-performance zinc oxide for a wide range of sunscreen formulations, has been added to our range of UV filters.

🙌 VALVANCE®: See it! Feel it! Love it!
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
Senses such as touch, sight and smell are mainly used during the individual experience of buying a beauty product, which should provide a pleasant sensory effect while helping to perfect the appearance of the skin. With the VALVANCE® range of sensory and visual modifiers, immediately improve the perception of a product, both in terms of touch and appearance.

🌍 Sustainable development – Sustainability Imp’Act Card™

ustainable Development is a major challenge for our planet and for future generations, and the DSM Group is strongly committed to helping reduce the impacts of our activities. DSM Personal Care thus proposes a new approach to address more precisely the issues of Sustainable Development of ingredients with the Imp’Act Card™, presenting tangible data along 4 main lines: environmental impact, social impact, traceability and identity.



In order to reveal the true power of beauty, all our thinking and creativity is expressed in innovative solutions to inspire our customers and satisfy consumers around the world.
Our trendy and innovative formulas offer treatments that can be integrated into all beauty rituals.

Dark Spots & Pore Tightening Foundation stick
This hybrid makeup/skincare tinted stick conceals skin imperfections and gives a more uniform appearance, reducing the appearance of blemishes and pores.

Intense Vitamin C Serum
Anhydrous formula with a 15% concentration of Vitamine C Pure (acide L-ascorbique) for a more even and luminous skin tone.

ON-THE-GO Moisturizing Pen
The light texture of this innovative concept contains PANTHENOL and PENTAVITIN® for intense hydration and better skin comfort. Its special applicator facilitates on-the-go and targeted use.

Micellar Water with PENTAVITIN®
Performance and smoothness. The micelles capture and remove make-up and impurities, leaving the skin perfectly clean and refreshed. Like a moisturizing magnet, PENTAVITIN® binds to the upper layers of the skin for long-lasting effectiveness.

Ultra-comfortable Transforming Mask
The soft texture of this mask combined with the synergy of the alpine plant extracts ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLERIA and ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS, relieves aggressed skin. When rinsed off with water, its oil-gel texture is transformed into a care milk, leaving the skin soothed and softened.

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