An innovative future with Aethera Biotech


What if we could meet some of your sustainability goals while maintaining the performance of your formulations?

There’s something new in cosmetics at IES Ingredients!

To meet the ever-increasing need for naturalness, we are pleased and proud to announce the exclusive distribution of Aethera Biotech actives, the scientific essence of nature.

Aethera Biotech is a scientific and innovative company committed to building the future from the extraordinary potential of plants. It responds to the needs of the well-being of people, for the benefit of health and the environment. The Italian company has a unique know-how ! It has developed and perfected a highly automated 4.0 industrial plant that allows complete and accurate traceability of the system with certified reports to guarantee product quality.

The new world of cosmetics starts today thanks to the world of biotechnology.
“Together, we are strengthening our missions and our commitment to innovation in order to increase our scope of action. Marion FABRE, Cosmetics Sales Director.

Aethera Biotech’s technology uses meristematic cells to exploit the benefits of the plant, an inexhaustible source!
The IES ingredients team is pleased to present the various products in the Aethera Biotech catalog available here:

  • EchinAge CROP®-G: youth booster
  • DauVes CROP®-G: rebalancing microcirculation and protection against photoaging
  • AQ3Rose CROP®-G: powerful hydration
  • ROSeout CROP®-G: fight against oxidative stress
  • ForsINgen CROP®-G: matifying for a pure skin
  • MetropolePure CROP®-G: protective shield for the skin, even under conditions of intense stress
  • MatyPure CROP®-G: matte effect for even skin tone
  • SageGuard-PC: skin defender
  • ReSILiEMcare CROP®-G: restoring the vitality of your skin


IES Ingredients distributes its biotech actives in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Middle East and Africa.

You can contact us via the form for any request for information and samples on these ingredients.


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