June 25, 2019 – In the Swiss Alps with DSM Personal Care

The multinational company DSM has been working for 10 years to improve its carbon footprint and implement sustainable actions. This greener philosophy is particularly applied to the cosmetics sector and the ALPAFLOR® range of ingredients is the perfect symbol of this.

DSM Personal Care invited us for a day in the heart of its ALPAFLOR® fields, located in the Swiss Alps. We had the opportunity to walk around the fields of Edelweiss, Thyme, Alpine Skullcap, etc.

During this journey, we understand the reality of the sustainable culture of ALPAFLOR®, their harvesting as well as the extraction method of the cosmetic active ingredient.

Marion Fabre, Head of the Cosmetics Division: “DSM Personal Care offers us an original opportunity to rediscover Alpaflor® ingredients. »

Here are some pictures of this event below:

Reminder of all the active ingredients in the ALPAFLOR® range:

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