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MetropolePure CROP®-G

Code 5000010 ; 5000032

CAS number 56-81-5; 5949-29-1

Pack size 1 kg, 5kg

INCI Melissa Officinalis Callus Lysate


  • againt blue light
  • againt oxidative stress
  • anti inflammatory


Higly concentrated standardized phytocomplex of meristematic cells of Melissa officinalis titrated in polyphenols expressed as rosmarinic acid equivalent
It protects against oxidative stress. It is anti-inflammatory and has a neuroprotective effect.
It considerably reduces the damage induced by blue light and IR. It preserves the health of mitochondria even under conditions of oxidative stress.
It protects against skin damage induced by oxidative stress and inflammation.
In vivo test: skin protection against blue light and IR

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